Lawn and Garden Furniture – The History of the Adirondack Garden Chair

Lawn and garden furniture is often considered to be modern. Let’s face it, there’s not a lot to a chair, right? Not so the Adirondack garden chair.

The Adirondack garden chair has a bit of a murky history and it goes to show that even amongst friends, if a good idea is worth stealing, nothing gets in the way!

Back in 1903, a certain Thomas Lee used to spend his summers in Westport, New York with his large family of 22! The house was short on outdoor furniture and so in his spare time, as a bit of a hobby, Thomas began knocking together pieces of wood to make extra garden furniture that would give his family the extra seating they needed.

After much experimenting, he finally hit upon a design using 11 pieces of wood from one plank which made an extremely comfortable chair with wide armrests where the upright back and seat slant to afford better seating. This accommodated the steep slopes that abound in the region of the Adirondack Mountains in North-East New York State, giving the garden furniture a more luxurious feel.

One of his friends, Harry Bunnell was a carpenter down in Westport, so Thomas showed him his designs. Harry thought that there was tremendous potential for them amongst the summer visitors to the town and in 1904 applied for a patent for the chair, to be known as a Westport Garden Chair.

Unbeknown to Thomas Lee, in 1905 Harry Bunnell secured the patent he needed. For over twenty years he manufactured the now famous slope-backed chairs in either a rusty-brown or green wood-stain, stamping the garden furniture with his signature.

Today, these original chairs can fetch as much as $3000 in antique shops, which goes to show the enduring appeal of these attractive chairs.

As more and more manufacturers copied the design, the chairs became known as Adirondack chairs – the name being taken from the region, rather than the town of manufacture and the design comes in a wide selection of benches, rockers and chairs being built to the original plan.

Today, using Polywood recycled plastic, this design for garden furniture comes into it’s own in the Poly-Wood Adirondack chair. Eco-friendly due to the recycling of plastic milk bottles and the like, they are virtually maintenance-free and retain their good looks for a lifetime of pleasure.

Some people like to add cushions to their garden furniture, but with the Poly-Wood Adirondack, as Thomas Lee originally intended with his design, cushions are not required. A good Adirondack design should be comfortable without the addition of cushions.

The Poly-Wood Adirondack lawn and garden furniture comes in a range of colours including sunset red, pacific blue, lemon, lime, tangerine and Aruba, thus giving your garden a splash of colour and a uniqueness I am sure that Thomas Lee would have been proud of.

Metal Garden Furniture Preference

Metal garden furniture can be placed indoors or outdoors and still look great. They make stylish furniture pieces for relaxing and unwinding as well as serve as functional pieces in dining and entertaining.

Metal furniture pieces can be placed at any available space to add the distinction to the homeowner’s property or outdoor space.


There are two types of metal furniture; the standard type is very affordable to most consumers which come in many designs and sizes. These can come in a set or individual pieces from all sources.

Premium metal furniture is more expensive as they are made of higher quality material for longer durability. These are usually in sets which can be bought directly from the manufacturer or supplier; they can also be custom-made according to the specific designs and sizes.

Seat pieces

Metal garden furniture can come in different number of pieces to form a set; they are very versatile pieces. Two-seater garden furniture can be very cozy for a couple who wants to relax privately in the garden; 4-seaters are greater for a small group gathering for a simple meal or discussion.

Metal furniture can come in as many as 10-seat sets to accommodate a bigger group in a bigger garden space. These would usually come with an appropriately sized table for a sit down discussion or meal. Tables can be square, oval, round or rectangular in shape of various types of material to complement the metal furniture. Many homeowners choose metal, aluminum, granite, stone or ceramic as table tops on their metal table frames and chairs.

Most garden furniture tables are fixed as the metal material is quite solid for stability.


As metal garden furniture is usually heavy and bulky, store delivery is expected of all metal pieces purchase. The store assistant will collate the homeowner’s delivery information after the full payment is made.

Heavy duty vehicles are usually used to deliver metal furniture; hence, the homeowners should inform the retailers of special road or parking restrictions to the home to avoid difficulties in the delivery.

Old furniture pieces will not be carted away with the delivery of new metal garden furniture. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to check the condition of the goods delivered before signing on the acceptance form to avoid future dispute. There will not be any liability for damage to the delivered pieces if the purchaser does not perform a thorough check when the goods are delivered.

Teak Garden Furniture Basics

When you need wooden garden furniture with great durability, choosing teak garden furniture is the perfect solution. This tropical hardwood is preferred over oak to make furnishings for outdoor living; you can find seating in the form of chairs or loveseats, settees or benches.

As teak garden furniture has become more popular there have been concerns regarding the use of wood harvested from virgin tropical forests. The manufacturers of teak garden furniture have responded by using teak from government owned and operated sustainable teak plantations. And most teak garden furniture is labeled to allow the consumer to know the source of the material used.

In the past garden furniture in temperate zones were made from oak wood and its sandy color was typical of and the American southern states and New England outdoor furniture. The vibrant, rubric color of teak wood makes an undeniable tropical statement and this woods hardiness is one of its best features.

Many times when we think of the word “tropical” images of the rainforest come to mind but contrary to being found in an Amazon rain forests, teak wood or Tectona Grandis is indigenous to India, Burma, Thailand, Indochina and Java.

Most of the garden furniture today that is made of teak wood is grown on a plantation on Java that was first planted by the Dutch in the early 1800s. The supply of a sustainable source for teak garden furniture is ensured by regulation of the number and size of trees that can be used and trees are replanted to maintain this source for generations to come.

The natural color of teak garden furniture is the perfect compliment to the green palette of your lawn. There are new technologies have made the shaping and designing with this material easier, resulting in a wider variety of styles for you to choose for your home.

Because of its qualities to teak garden furniture provides a sense of elegance and stability. The solid feel of wood supports the body comfortably and securely. Whether you choose a standard chair design, a recliner or a love seat, it is easy to relax and enjoy the view of the great outdoors.

The spring and summer months can mark the beginning of enjoying outdoor living, but with the natural strength of this wood, unless you live in a locale with severe winters, you will not have to do more than uncover your teak garden furniture.

Most teak garden furniture designs are expertly crafted, usually finished by hand sanding the edges and using tendon or mortise joints; two details you should look for when you are ready to purchase.

The manufacture of teak garden furniture is costly, but there are alternatives such as do-it-yourself kits that are significantly less expensive than the assembled pieces. The source will also contribute to the amount you pay; furniture produced in Asia will have higher shipping costs than an American manufacturer.

Teak garden furniture makes an excellent addition to your home and is ideal for people with an active lifestyle who want to spend their time enjoying the outdoors without a high level of maintenance. And when it’s time to entertain, you can be sure that your selection of teak garden furniture will make a great impression on your friends and family.